RelocaDo is an immigration advisory service for people aiming to relocate to Bulgaria. A great deal of potential immigrants' interest arises because Bulgaria is now part of the European Union.

There are a number of options available for legal immigration to Bulgaria. We can assist you on most of them.

Choosing the right option and the right roadmap suitable for your own personal circumstances is of key importance for the success of your effort. Your case, the way it stands right now, may not stand a strong chance, and it probably will not if tested.

We strongly recommend that you augment and strengthen your chances before applying by taking steps that build your case to one that will lead to success.

The approval criteria under any of the roadmaps are publicly available. We are ready to assist you in meeting as many of them as practically feasible.

Legal Versus Illegal Immigration

Relocado provides legally-sound and legally compliant solutions only. Although these solutions may take longer and involve substantial bureaucratic and administrative difficulties and as a result seem more expensive and time-consuming, when one draws the line, these are the better and preferred options. They keep you free to develop and achieve. They do not expose you to risks. Even more importantly, the legal routes do not leave you at the mercy of criminal individuals and groups and do not expose you to subsequent blackmailing and maltreatment. Our solutions safeguard your rights, dignity, freedom to act, and rights of choice.


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